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J FASHION MAGAZINES! ganguro egg kogal. . .^^ [Dec. 2nd, 2005|02:12 am]
☆★ Cocolulu Mambas ☆★
crossposted everywhere. . .dear mods of communities if i make an error or violate a rules please let me know and ill fix it^^ thank you!~namie

Due to my recent medical conditions and lack of insurance I need to raise money for my medical needs so I am forced to start selling my fashion magazines and gyaru stuffs.
Tonight I start with my magazines. Tomorrow I will list gyaru stuffs.
All of these are fashion magazines except iMode which is mobile phones.

If you are interested in the condition or images please let me know.
If you are curious how I am as a seller, check my Ebay feedback [note: this is shared with other family members, but we have no negatives!] http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=buriteri&ssPageName=STRK:ME:UFS

Anyways, all of the magazines I only want $3 for each EXCEPT ONES WITH *
The * magazines I would like $5 for.
Shipping is $5 flat to anywhere in USA, if you international ask me and I'll give you the rate depending on your country. If more than one magazine I will give you combined shipping rate!
A few magazines I made a note of are in particular heavy so their shipping is more.
I accept PAYPAL, BidPay, Money Order, Cashier's Check, and Personal Check/Cash, sent at your own risk.
If you are interested leave a comment or email me buriteri@gmail.com
If you buy 5 magazines or more I will give you a free gift.
If you buy 50$ or more worth, not including shipping, I will give you a free gift, as well!
If you want to buy but worried about off-ebay selling, I will list the items you want in a private auction on ebay for you! I am paypal and ebay verified!

Gyaru & J Fashion Magazines for Sale!

ALSO~ EGG'S ALL STARS for $10 and I have one copy of EGG'S MANBA if you are interested please make an offer in the manba magazine with katan cover! Manba will go to the best offer!

June 1997
November 1997
December 1997
January 1998
February 1998
March 1998
May 1998
June 1998
September 1998
October 1998
January 1999
March 1999
April 1999
May 1999
June 1999
July 1999
August 1999
September 1999
October 1999
November 1999
December 1999
January 2000
February 2000
March 2000
May 2000
August 2000
September 2000
November 2000
January 2001
August 2002*
December 2003*
January 2004*
February 2004*
March 2004*
October 2004*
February 2005*


March 2000
September 2000
September 2001
May 2004*
August 2005*

~S Cawaii~
August 2002

June 2001
December 2002
February 2003
June 2003
September 2003
June 2004*

~CUTiE~ THIS ONE I WILL SELL FOR 1$ it is poor condition!
November 1999

April 2000
July 2001
October 2001
June 2002
November 2002
January 2003
September 2003* w/Gorie Stickers!* this issue is heavier/thicker so it is $7.50 shipping.

January 2004
April 2005* this issue is heavier/thicker so it is $7.50 shipping.

January 2004
February 2004

February 2004

May 2004

~Love Berry~
April 2005*

~ViVi~ ViVi is much heavier so it is $7.50 shipping.
December 2003

June 2005*

June 2005

~iMode Best~
Vol. 7

May 2004*
June 2004*
November 2004*

June 2004*
September 2005*

~With~ With is much heavier thick Magazine so it is $7.50 shipping
November 2005

~Sweet~ Sweet is a larger size Magazine and wont fit the regular package so its $7.50 shipping!
January 2005
March 2005

~Men's Egg~
January 2004

Thank you for looking~and for your time!

[User Picture]From: nekokyo_chan
2008-01-08 01:37 am (UTC)
may i have to mens egg and a few of the eggs


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