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applicationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ^O^ - Join the Tribe.. (`・ω・´) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
☆★ Cocolulu Mambas ☆★

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applicationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ^O^ [Apr. 27th, 2005|07:59 pm]
☆★ Cocolulu Mambas ☆★
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Rebel Girl ~~ Bikini Kill]

favourite mamba/egg model? - Ka~tan! ^-^
what makes you happy?-people being nice, hugs, my kitties, pink things, strawberries
favourite saying: SMILE!!! ^.^
how do you act in a group, what role do you play?: i am crazy little sister ^_^
what is your favourite color?: pink and yellow ^^
what is your favourite gal brand?: O_O i don't know O_O????
how do you wear your makeup everyday: bronzer! my tan is coming so slowly ;_;. and black eyeliner on the bottom, white under that and on the corners, stickers under my eyes and light sparkly pink lipstick ^-^
what is your warbrode like: ah! scary..so many colors~! i have lots of odd things O_O tho i do have a coupla drawers of more goth lolita and some gypsy type clothes, ok ok, cat lady clothes XD i like brightly colored things and shiny stuff and frills and pretty stockings. but sometimes i go as a drag king >.> (see, there's a boy who lives in my head and every once in a while he comes out O_O)
name your favoruite peice of clothing: strawberry shortcake shirt!!!!!! i just bought it so i'm madly in love
who is your insparation?: hidesama~! and cyndi lauper is super rad ^^
whats your favourite music?: EVERYTHING! i like rock..hard stuff and happy stuff. visual kei is great!Dir en grey and hide with spread beaver are my favorite bands.i really like happy rock like vinett and PANIC*ch, lots of indie stuff ^^ umm, i also like j-pop like w-inds and morning musume and mini moni and W~! and utada hikaru...and then lots of other things like shiina ringo and bonnie pink and shonen knife. i like riot grrrl type rock like joan jett and sleater kinney and bikini kill...and folk! like tegan and sarah. ok..i like everything except most country and rap ^^;; and none of this new "punk" stuff...even rock has died *sniffle* ;_; what happened to good stuffs like kiss and twisted sister and motley crue? and OMG THE CULTURE CLUB
what do you like most about GAL style/mamba style: it's so fun! you can just express yourself and go WILD~! and i think the fun bright look makes you happy and makes people who look at it happy! if you only do it a little it's cute and fun, and if you go all the way you look like happy purikura~! <3<3<3 it at least gets some smiles! my mom hates it but random strangers tell me it's amazing~! ^_^
why should we accept you? i'm nice and fun and want to be your friend~! ^_^ and i may not have the best look but i try my best~! and take helpful pointers from you who know better than i ^^ i know my hair is wrong ;_; but i[m not allowed to bleach until after grad next month ;_; i want white hair! ^O^ or just silver or somefing...

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