Toronto Galcir: Glamour Gyaru

Hi! 2 Gyarus from Toronto, Canada [Kaystar and Keely] are forming Glamour Circle, a galcir in Toronto! Please join this community and support us! And please join our facebook group as well!
Our main website blog:

If you're in Toronto and around the GTA area, and would love to join and be dedicated in this group, let us know in facebook or in here! It would be great to have Canadian gyarus joining together, having fun, meeting each other and making the best out of it!

Western gyaru magazine

We want to create an online magazine for the western GaLS/ Gyaru's.

What will be in it?

♥ Latest trends
♥ New items
♥ Adds
♥ Columns
♥ Photo's
♥ Shoots
♥ Gyaru orientated articles
♥ Japanese Music
♥ And more...

Ofcourse we don't know whether an issue will be provided every month etc. However, the first issue is planned for November 1st.

First of all I want to know whether GaLS like this idea, and even more important!
Are there gals who are interested to participate in this project??

What do we need//want?
♥ Columnists (max.
5 so people can switch with each other)
♥ Photo's!! (everyone can send in their crazy ass gal photo's like in EGG!!)
♥ Article writers (max.
15 people)
♥ Cover Models (Everyone can apply, it's not a pre to wear clothes from Shibuya Fashion, but ofcourse it is nice, BUT not neccessairy)
♥ Advertisers (For now, it is free, if this project goes the way we want, a small fee will be added, but not much!!)
♥ Critics/ Reviewers
♥ Anything else you can think of is welcome!!

The magazine will be able in a pdf file and will be made available to download for everybody!!

So... you're interested?? Send me an email to:

J FASHION MAGAZINES! ganguro egg kogal. . .^^

crossposted everywhere. . .dear mods of communities if i make an error or violate a rules please let me know and ill fix it^^ thank you!~namie

Due to my recent medical conditions and lack of insurance I need to raise money for my medical needs so I am forced to start selling my fashion magazines and gyaru stuffs.
Tonight I start with my magazines. Tomorrow I will list gyaru stuffs.
All of these are fashion magazines except iMode which is mobile phones.

If you are interested in the condition or images please let me know.
If you are curious how I am as a seller, check my Ebay feedback [note: this is shared with other family members, but we have no negatives!]
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Ok the gyaru site I was talking about (the one that is galba inspired and have profiles and photos of us gyaru or gal-o) I've decided I'm going to make it . Ok I just have to put a few things clear if you want to be part of it , 1. You have to be gyaru/gal-o 2. No impersonating 3. You have to have photos of yourself otherwise there would be no point of it. You can send the answers and your photos to my e-mail - or you can reply them to this post. The photos can be either attached or there can be links to them , you're choice.

☆Gyaru Profile Questions☆

☆Blood type:
☆Gyaru Style:
☆Favorite gal Brand:
☆Favorite gal magazine:
☆Favorite Food:
☆Favorite Perfume:
☆Favorite Famous Gyaru:
☆Future Dream:
☆Special Ability:
☆Your No.1 idol:
☆Pet Peeves:
☆What beauty product can’t you live without?
☆If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?
☆Your Message:

Hey everyone

Hey everyone ^^,

I was wondering if you all know where I can order euromach?? on the net? I looked in HMV and they don't have it.. which is a pity.. I see other Euro cds but none of them had the songs like ganguro etc on them.

<3 Juri

applicationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ^O^

favourite mamba/egg model? - Ka~tan! ^-^
what makes you happy?-people being nice, hugs, my kitties, pink things, strawberries
favourite saying: SMILE!!! ^.^
how do you act in a group, what role do you play?: i am crazy little sister ^_^
what is your favourite color?: pink and yellow ^^
what is your favourite gal brand?: O_O i don't know O_O????
how do you wear your makeup everyday: bronzer! my tan is coming so slowly ;_;. and black eyeliner on the bottom, white under that and on the corners, stickers under my eyes and light sparkly pink lipstick ^-^
what is your warbrode like: ah! many colors~! i have lots of odd things O_O tho i do have a coupla drawers of more goth lolita and some gypsy type clothes, ok ok, cat lady clothes XD i like brightly colored things and shiny stuff and frills and pretty stockings. but sometimes i go as a drag king >.> (see, there's a boy who lives in my head and every once in a while he comes out O_O)
name your favoruite peice of clothing: strawberry shortcake shirt!!!!!! i just bought it so i'm madly in love
who is your insparation?: hidesama~! and cyndi lauper is super rad ^^
whats your favourite music?: EVERYTHING! i like rock..hard stuff and happy stuff. visual kei is great!Dir en grey and hide with spread beaver are my favorite bands.i really like happy rock like vinett and PANIC*ch, lots of indie stuff ^^ umm, i also like j-pop like w-inds and morning musume and mini moni and W~! and utada hikaru...and then lots of other things like shiina ringo and bonnie pink and shonen knife. i like riot grrrl type rock like joan jett and sleater kinney and bikini kill...and folk! like tegan and sarah. ok..i like everything except most country and rap ^^;; and none of this new "punk" stuff...even rock has died *sniffle* ;_; what happened to good stuffs like kiss and twisted sister and motley crue? and OMG THE CULTURE CLUB
what do you like most about GAL style/mamba style: it's so fun! you can just express yourself and go WILD~! and i think the fun bright look makes you happy and makes people who look at it happy! if you only do it a little it's cute and fun, and if you go all the way you look like happy purikura~! <3<3<3 it at least gets some smiles! my mom hates it but random strangers tell me it's amazing~! ^_^
why should we accept you? i'm nice and fun and want to be your friend~! ^_^ and i may not have the best look but i try my best~! and take helpful pointers from you who know better than i ^^ i know my hair is wrong ;_; but i[m not allowed to bleach until after grad next month ;_; i want white hair! ^O^ or just silver or somefing...

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